Website Support and Maintenance

Is your website making you stressed out? Want to erase worries and relax? We can help you out. We handle many website support and maintenance services with care. Keep your website fresh, trendy and updated.

A website needs continuous care via AMC Services to ensure that it functions properly. If the content are added / revamped on regular basis, its a healthy website. You are concerned in running real business but if your website is not maintained properly, it may reduce in worth and reach bottom of search engine and social media results page. We are helping in maintaining websites and keeping them as per latest trends, while improving website rankings. ⏻ “Simplified by Prime”

Signup for Prime Website AMC Support / Maintenance Services:

  • Addition and removal of pages
  • Content updates, announcements, articles, etc
  • Image manipulation, graphics and gallery additions
  • Replacement of docs including pictures and graphics
  • Maintenance of newsletters, campaigns and e-mail lists
  • Shopping cart products update in e-commerce website
  • Website modification and addition of website content
  • PDF / Brochure design and creation, Video Adverts
  • Update and code audit of open source application like Drupal, Joomla,
  • WordPress, Magento or Opencart
  • Malware attack fixing, regular security audits
  • Backup your website and databases regularly