Serving since 2004, we are celebrating 18+ Years of Digital Service Trust. We mostly cater to a selected list of niche clients who are well-aware of the evolving digital world, understand it’s pros and cons. Main areas of business are web / mobile services & local data servers planning, consulting, commissioning, installation / maintenance.

We build public servers / networks on secure platforms, equipped with custom made components, features and functionalities required to address users increasingly high-end computing needs and privacy concerns. Also offer Linux and BSD Tools, Open Source Software (OSS) advocacy, IT Merchandise, Digital Products, Custom Data Center Services and Gadgets.

One-Stop-Solution Prime Linuxers (alias Solution Point) is a no hype one-stop digital solutions provider – becoming mark of Trust, Simplicity, Reliability, Speed and Security on World Wide Web – (re) crafting FOSS web / mobile technologies for worthy results.

Note: Solution Point operations are discontinued since 2016 due to bank frauds, delays and non-redressal, harrassment and extortion resulting in our loss of business and resources. To protect our genuine interests, all activities are gradually shifted to OSS Prime Linuxers.

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